Martin’s Day Sunday brunch

St.  Marrtin's Day Sunday brunch at the Gelllért Hotel


Hundred Geese in a Row Sunday brunch

Panoráma Restaurant
11 November 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. SOLD OUT!

The Martin's Day Wine Festival ends with special Sunday Brunch where the all-you-can-eat Sunday lunch represents the goose dishes. Gábor Müncz, the Gellért’s executive chef has created the special menu at the Panoráma Restaurant.

Martin's Day Sunday brunch menu


Goose crackling with onions matured in salt, green paprika
Stuffed goose neck with pickled vegetables and black radish
Smoked goose breast with coloured lentils and ajvar
Goose rillette, lard flavoured with garlic and smoked paprika, black bread

Salad bar


Creamed beetroot and must soup with cottage cheese dumplings
Goose soup with gizzard, vegetables and ‘goose neck’ pasta

Main course

Fish bits, fresh and salt water fish, crabs and shellfish with rosé sauce
Rich goose risotto with goose breast and liver
Goose pörkölt with cottage cheese gnocchi
Roast goose leg with steamed apple and beetroot, mashed potatoes
Goose breast with rösti, roasted onions with spicy plum chutney
Cholent with roast goose, smoked tongue and egg
Pork tenderloin, goose liver sauce with cognac and golden raisins, forest mushrooms

Selection of side dishes

Grilled vegetables, parsnip purée with stuffed tomato and vine leaf
Salad greens fried in butter, wild rice confetti, potatoes roasted in goose fat


Grape strudel with new wine mousse, goose foot coupe with amarena sour cherries
Chestnut trio: panna-cotta, chestnut purée, chocolate and chestnut cake
Floating islands with golden raisins
Lactose- and gluten-free cakes
Autumn fruits in mulled wine, with amaretto mousse

The Martin's Day Sunday brunch ticket's price HUF 9.990, with unlimited food and drink consumption
(wine, champagne, draft beer, soft drinks and coffee)
For children (3 to 12 years) HUF 4.995, with unlimited food and drink consumption
(soft drinks and juice)
No charge for children under 3.