Suite Restaurant 2018

Százszorséf Lakosztályétterem Palágyi Eszterrel

Tickets are available at the Reception of Hotel Gellért 0-24 hours

422 apartman
09 November from 19:00
10 November from 19:00

The Hotel  Gellért introduced and perfected the term Suite Restaurant, housed by the hotel’s suite having hosted the most well-known guests staying there, offering a magnificent view on river Danube.

In this year both on Friday and Saturday participants will be charmed by the 6 course menu created by Head Chef of Michelin-star Costes Restaurant, Eszter Palágyi.

The years-long professional experience of Eszter Palágyi gives her the confidence for the accomplishment of the novel solutions and cooking technology routine and experience gained in 2 to 3 Michelin star kitchens during several years offers her a continuous experimenting possibility, which constitutes the basis of our Michelin star cuisine.


Welcome drink
Rácz Lilla Costes Signature Selection

Goose liver, purple cabbage, milk loaf
Costes Signature Szóló Rosé 2015

Goose consommé
Kislaki Riesling 2015

Main course
Goose confit, orange, celery, potato noodles
Bott Judit Csontos Furmint 2016

Yoghurt Sorbet

Honey - Costes honey cream slice
Mesés Bodrog Borműhely 2013 Tokaj

Chef’s Somló sponge cake
Holdvölgy Signature Birtokédes 2007

The Suite Restaurant ticket is 44,990 HUF
for 1 person 6-course wine dinner
for 1 person one-day entry to the wine festival and the after party
1 tasting glass
unlimited wine and pálinka tasting

Because of the special layout of the apartment restaurant, guests will be seated at a table for 12.

Százszorséf Lakosztályétterem Palágyi Eszterrel