St. Martin’s Day Sunday brunch

Pekingi liba és társai Sunday brunch_Márton napi Borfesztivál

Sensational cooperation III.

Peking Goose and its Relatives – in Hotel Gellért

Interactive Sunday brunch

8. November 2015. Sunday 12:00 – 15:00

On Sunday guests can witness a gastronomic milestone, a real sensation. For Martin’s Day Sunday brunch László Héjja, the Gellért’s head chef will be joined by the famous Wang Master renowned for the amazing tastes he creates, and Maki Chef the best known representative of modern Japanese cuisine in Hungary, who will create the world’s first Peking goose, Goose sushi and Goose paprikás with wine.

Sunday brunch menu


Salad bar with a selection of dressings
Peppino paprika filled with feta
Marinated aubergine with colourful paprika
Herring variations
Smoked salmon and mackerel
Marinated duck breast with peach salad
Turkey breast and pineapple with pink peppercorn
Vegetable and goose couscous
Pork loin with Csabai sausage, mixed pickles
Smoked beef tongue with horseradish mousse
Maki Chef’s goose sushi


Creamy split pea soup with smoked Csabai sausage
Goose soup with semolina dumplings


Smoked salmon and spinach farfalle with tomato concassé
Grilled salmon in orange and Campari sauce
Grilled chicken breast with prunes and barley
Sweet hot strips of goose breast with crisp mung bean sprouts, palm stalks and mango sauce
Crispy duck leg with horseradish and beetroot cream, roast potatoes
Goose paprikás in wine with ewe’s cheese noodles
Wang Master’s Peking goose
Whole goose roasted in 5 herbs, with its own gravy, pumpkin and colourful vegetables
Goose risotto
Cholent with smoked goose breast


Cauliflower au gratin, Rice with parsley, Baked potato cake, Mashed potato, Carrots with sesame, Mixed grilled vegetables


Various creams, Sweet bouchées, Cottage cheese and apple strudel, Poppyseed and milk pudding, Fresh fruit

The St. Martin Day’s Sunday Brunch ticket’s price is HUF 7.990, includes Sunday dinner with unlimited food and drink consumption – per person (new wine, wine, champagne, draft beer , soft drinks and coffee )

Sunday brunch ticket for children (6 to 14 years) is HUF 3.990 with unlimited food and drinks (children’s sparkling, soft drinks and juice)
no charge for children under 6.


Online tickets available:

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